TWO Different Mindsets to the Same Problem.

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TWO Different Mindsets to the Same Problem.

Two things for your consideration.

There are two levels of commitment in a reactionary draw. The first is a commitment to shoot out of the holster. This means before the weapon is presented, you’ve decided to shoot. The second is a challenge, where you have time to de-escalate a situation but are fully prepared to fire should force be necessary. There are also people that believe it’s ok to draw their weapon to intimidate (Deter someone from attacking them).

Intimidation might work some of the time but it sets you up for failure because you haven’t established the proper mindset nor formulated boundaries that initiate engagement (i.e. If he takes one step forward I will fire).

To change the assault dynamic we must stop reacting to their force by forcing them to react to ours. Intimidation does not allow you to control the contact. Many weapon takeaways and injuries are contributed to poor tactics and the persons lack of commitment to shoot even though they were in a position to resolve the problem. If you draw your weapon in response to a situation be in the position and mindset to use it.

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